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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Journal 52

 There is a Journal 52 group on facebook that does an art journal prompt each week of the year.  I found it last December and thought I'd try to play along and up my art journaling skills this year.  Of course, I totally suck at any challenge that has a weekly deadline. You know that crazy thing called life always gets in my way!  So I did the first 3 weeks and almost 4 in good time.  I spent May playing a bit and trying to catch up on some of the prompts

Week 4 Prompt: silhouette

 Week 5 Prompt: Television

Week 8 Prompt: Aromatherapy  Lilacs were in bloom when I was doing this one.

Week 10 Prompt: Coloring Book
I used a stencil to draw the birds and bee. 

Week 13 Prompt: Spring Clean
Cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind.
Liking the vibrant color on this one.

Week 21: Top Ten List
Ok, so I did a huge list. But you have to go where the vision takes you.
They're on week 23 so I still have quite a few to catch up on. If you like art journaling, check it out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 Layouts to share

My little reminder of life happenings to our family (this blog) has been severely neglected. I'd say it is a bad thing, but part of me is grateful as the whole moving in to a house that isn't refurbished yet and waiting until your other house sells to start is kind of - disheartening.  The OH house sold at the end of March. We just started ripping dd's room to the studs.  I'd love it finished by July 31st, but honestly if it gets finished by October I'll be thrilled. We just aren't full of peppy energy in our old age. Where we once would work all day long, now it's an hour or two and then a break time which is an hour or two. 

Well, the house mess does mean that I haven't had a lot of crafty time. But that's starting to change around.  I thought I'd share my layouts for this year.  They are not the best work, but they are finished.  Sometimes we take what we can get.  These are all quick and easy pages.

January through April:

This was all the scraps from a BoBunny MammaPapparazzi collection.  I was thrilled to get another page out of it.  And I think, Steph took this photo of us. I think it's cute.

 Uncle Jeff changed his name to Grandpa, a fairly big milestone.

 An old fancy pants design set that I was saving my leftover pieces just for this layout. An Amy Tan puffy sticker too. I need more puffy stickers!!

 Senior Discount!!! on groceries, hubs was very upset over getting this. I told him those punk kids are getting younger and younger, and I left off that his hair is getting grayer and grayer.

My May Layouts: 
   I had no idea how to use this overlay from that old Fancy Pants Design set, but wanted to finish the set off.  It's definitely not my favorite layout, but.... oh, well.

I actually like this one quite a bit, more because of the story.  Loved using all the stamps too.

I actually like this one quite a bit as well. It's all about how our dog thinks she is our 3rd child and her funny child-like antics.
Next up, my art journal pages.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving Update & School

We're back in Ohio, and I had a week and a half to finish off my last trailer load and clean the house, staging it for show. But I'm burned out on the whole moving process and I just haven't got my strength back from my cold I was suffering with a couple of weeks ago (the cold that lasted for 2 weeks).  Don and I talked about the process yesterday. He said to ask the boy if he would mind staying here for his birthday. (He was trying to decide between staying at home with unlimited screen time for his birthday or going to a mini-golf adventure place with so much more than mini-golf).  He said he didn't mind staying here as we had better streaming.  I guess I know what he decided to do.  This is really no surprise - it's what he does. every. single. birthday.  Although I've felt like they've had unlimited screen time of late and have been trying to get them back to target.  But anyway...It was a super relief to me.  We probably won't leave until the 30th for Michigan.  And that will be it for me and the kids, I figured we'd be back and forth a few times. But. The new co-op starts September 15th. The girl is super excited! Honestly, so am I. I just wish I had more time. Oh, well.

The co-op is on Monday. With church on Sunday and co-op on Monday. It means traveling to town 2 days in a row. I'd kind of like a coop on Wednesday. That way if I'm out of milk I can grab it mid-week. When the nearest store that sells organic milk is 30+ minutes away, you think of things like this. Of course, a mid-week co-op wouldn't work very well. You'd get your routine and then you'd have to break mid-way. If it was on Friday, like our last co-op, it's like a great way to end the week. You're done with your week of work and it's awesome to spend the day with like minded Christians.  Of course the positive to a Monday start is that it will be a wonderful way to start our week. Plus it gives me an extra planning day, since I'm a little behind this year.

Ok, more than a little. Usually I have curriculum picked out by February and no later than April. By April to June, all my curriculum for the following year is purchased and in my hot little hands.  So from May to July, I put together my curriculum plan and my lesson plans. Some for the whole year - like science, and some for the first few weeks, like history. Others like math and now writing (woo hoo) are really done for me. For math if I see they've mastered the concept then they get their test. If not, we spend more time on it. Usually within 2 - 3 worksheets they are ready. A few times, especially with the boy, he did the first worksheet and took the test. Once with the girl, I had to make my own problems up for her to do as we were out of workbook practice sheets.  We also usually start mid-August. Right about now.  We like are time off during the year.

This year I have my curriculum picked but not purchased. I have made a list of read alouds and the books I'd like them to read for school. Don's suggested a family book club.  The kids get to pick a book and we all read and discuss.  Sounds like fun to me. We'll see how it progresses. All of our school things are in boxes, the class/craft room will need to be painted first and then it may be arranged.  I told the kids to expect to go all through June and to have less time off during the year.  Hopefully I'll be able to roughly start by September 22nd.  The pleasures of moving.

Getting A Different Perspective - The Kids

Including other family member layouts.  Yesterday, I talked about how I now include my husband very rarely with his journaling for a page. Now maybe your spouse or kids aren't into this or you're single, that's ok too.

Although my son is no longer into scrapbooking, my daughter really enjoys it and art journaling.  We have days where we work together. But often, she does it whenever she can. She seems to have more time than me. I have always just put the kids layouts into the appropriate album - family, son, daughter, extended family/friends. A few months ago someone mentioned that their daughter had her own album.  The concept hit me hard. She had her own art journaling book.  I had never even thought of giving her her own scrapbook album!  Maybe she wanted one. I felt like a dolt, so I asked if it was something she wanted.  Nope, she preferred her layouts in with all the others.  whew. I felt better. She likes looking through the book and seeing things that she has contributed.  I know this isn't the answer for everyone. Lots of scrapbookers wouldn't like the child like designs next to their perfectly designed layouts. For me it just captures another more of our family life and I love seeing their layouts. They bring a huge smile to my face.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting A Different Perspective - the significant other

For those who listen to PRT, a couple of weeks ago they talked about getting your family involved in your story telling.  Personally, I think this is important and I do try, even if I'm not super at it.

Here's a double page layout that I've named in my head "Adventure Day with Dad", but really this is a Dad and the kids day, so my husband will provide the journaling.  He does this every once in a while. And I love when he does.  It does mean I have an almost finished layout that will wait until he really has some time. Works full-time, travels for work a bit, in the process of moving and refurbishing the house we're moving into, guess I'll cut him some slack this time.  haha.

Layout Credits: P&Co: DSI - Fresh from the Oven Papers and Elements; JenAllyson - Cork Elements; Anita Designs - Some Flairs Vol 8; Deena Rutter - Every Little Bit Brush Set 2; Karla Dudley - Life Story March 2014 Vellum Bits

I think he'd even be up for making a layout, but usually he just wants my craft stuff to make fishing lures.  I'll have to make an effort to include my husband's voice more.  Do you incorporate other people's perspective into your albums?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reworking a Layout

There seems to be two distinct camps with regards to reworking a layout. Those that do it a lot. Those that never do it. Typically, I fall into the never do it. However, if my kids taught me one thing, it that the only never EVER allowed is to not say NEVER. It bites you on the butt, every. single. time.

Although I don't think I've ever reworked a paper layout, digital layouts happen to get reworked every now and then.  Case in point. Last week I made this layout of my daughter.
Overall, I like the bright colors and general layout. But I went a little too crazy with the fonts. I have 6 different title fonts going.  It's muddied and not visually pleasing.  So by just replacing one font with a similar one, I got this:
Definitely an improvement.  It's one of those layouts that came together in my head much better than IRL.  But I can live with this version.

So will you rework a layout or not?

Layout credits: P&Co: Scotty Girl Design/Mommyish - QandA; SnapClick: Carta Bella - Beautiful Moments; Echo Park Paper - Hello Summer;  :LilyPad: JustJaimee - Doilies4; Sabrina Dupree Designs -Only Love Bits;

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is It Friday, yet???

I seriously woke up yesterday thinking it was.  Today isn't any better. Not that I work outside the home and not that my weekend will be more relaxing.  But my husband will be home to either help me out or irritate me, either way it's a win for one of us. lol. Both actually make me happy so I guess it's a win for me both ways.  **Actually, he just called and said we're leaving Saturday for the farm and we'll stay the week.  He'll be traveling to and from the farm for work during the week - He's going to Canada.  But I can get more basement painting done and maybe some mowing. 

 I have 4 more layouts to share with you today. All digital.
 P&CO: Gennifer Bursett: Playful Mini, For the Love of Mini; Mari Koegelenberg - Oh Happy Day the wood chips; Robyn Meierotto - Spring Sweetness Enamel Dots; Anita Designs- Some Flairs Vol 8; Mommyish - essential styles; P&Co Collab Kit - Laid Back; :LilyPad: JustJaimee - Doilies4; Sabrina Dupree Designs -Only Love Bits;

I am seriously crazy about the For the Love of Mini kit by Gennifer Bursett. I loved lace on my traditional layouts. I used to use it a lot, but tired of it and stopped using it and stopped buying it and now I  use it every once in a while. This kit has made me want to revisit this, plus I'm looking for more lace in future digital purchases.  The ombre effect of the paper is *to die for*.  There is the pink one and a greenish blue one.  Love them.  Then there is a gray weathered wood paper.

Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Toast - Nothing gets me better hugs in the morning from my girl than to offer this combo for breakfast.

P&Co: Digital Scrapbook Ingredients - Fresh from the oven; Mari Koegelenberg - Oh Happy Day the wood chips; Robyn Meierotto - Spring Sweetness Enamel Dots :SnapClick: Fancy Pants Designs - wonderful Day; Crystal Wilkerson - Beautiful Day Papers

 P&Co: Southern Serenity - Yankee Doodle Template Sugarplum Paperie - Gray Skies;

Seriously, I don't even know how this happened. Only a template and 1 kit - massive kit, but only 1 none the less.

P&CO: Scotty Girl Design/Mommyish - Q&A kit, Deena Rutter - Every Little Bit Brush set#2; Anita Designs - Some Flairs Vol 08; Scotty Girl Design - 2014 Summer Flair; Mari Koegelenberg - Oh Happy Day the wood chips.

There you go.   Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you're having a wonderful day and that you don't think it's Friday when it's only Wednesday. ....yikes.